My Final Major Project

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Funny 8-bit animation: Wild Wind

A video That was Show to me called Wild Wind.  Skip to 0:26 to View
What I like about this Animated film is that is  has taken a simple idea of a person waking up in the morning but changed  it has many video game reference's in it. I also like that sound effect for in this because it matchs the emotion of the character.  

8-Bit Halo - Trailer (Machinima)

 The X box game called Halo is known by everyone today in this film made by Machinima they make an 8 bit animated television series. I think this is smart because it applies to wider audience like Children and adults because everyone who plays Videogames today knows about the game and people who love arcade game will like the look of it.

All the backgrounds in my animation are supposed to resemble stage from famous video here is a design for my first level call City Hill Zone similar to sonic stage Green hill.

Completed Final Design Of Villians

The final Drawing of the bosses that will be featured in this project all of them based on the first era video-games when videogaming began. 
For more details about these Characters check out my webpage.

College Humor The Video Game Bosses' Lament RUS

Another Video made by collage humour this time make fun of 8 bit video game bosses. It create the Illusion of what video game bosses do before the game start and how they plan to defeat the hero.
This is the sort of humour I like and want it to be in my Animation film Project.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Scott Pilgrim - Scott vs. Gideon Graves

A scene from a Movie that I have recently seen Called Scott Pilgrim vs The world. This movie Is about a Boy living his life like a video game. What I like about this is using many different styles and combines them very well. The 8 bit video game graffiti and the comic box novel look with a few 3D animation make this film very unique.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Meth Minute 8-Bit

Meth Minute are a animation promotion that showcase people work online and making it into a competition
where viewer can decide what cartoon they found funny. Meth minute films can be found mostly on you tube. Most of the animation are just Quick humour shorts roughly 1-2 minutes long. They all Have there design some odd and some strange. In this video all of the work has been rounded up and remade into a 8 bit style